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How To Make Coconut Butter Fudge – With Endless Flavor Variations

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Coconut Butter Fudge is easy and healthy! It's full of healthy saturated fats and can be sweetened with raw honey or your favorite low-carb or keto sweetener. Coconut Butter Fudge is perfect for anyone who loves fudge but doesn't want to eat refined sugar!


Coconut Butter Fudge Has Been My Go-To Treat For A Few Years Now.

When I get a craving, it’s usually for sweets and fats. Coconut butter fudge always delivers the goods! It is such a satisfying snack that I never need more than one or two small pieces to feel full and content. And it’s made with healthy fats and natural sweeteners like raw honey or sugar-free organic stevia.

This real-food coconut butter fudge is easy, it only takes 4 base ingredients and it comes together in minutes. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make coconut butter fudge then this is the post for you!

See all my coconut butter fudge recipes here.

And read on to lean how to make coconut butter fudge with endless flavor combinations!


Our Bodies Need Saturated Fats

There has been a lot of misinformation on this subject in the last century. Saturated fats have been demonized. But saturated fat from healthy natural sources is very important for our optimal bodily function. Saturated fats play crucial roles in our body, delivering vitamins and minerals, building cell walls, regulating hormones, keeping us full longer, helping deliver calcium to our bones, protecting us from calcification of the joints, keeping our immune system in tip top shape and so much more.

All traditional peoples revered saturated fats and ate them with abandon in times of plenty. The key to this statement is that traditional peoples didn’t always have access to endless sources of saturated fats. They utilized saturated fats when and if they were able to attain them.

Saturated fats should be consumed in proportion to properly prepared complex carbohydrates, carefully prepared vegetables and plenty of high quality pastured protein including nutrient dense organ meats.

To learn more about what traditional people really ate please see Sally Fallon Morrell’s new book:

Nourishing Diets: How Paleo, Ancestral and Traditional Peoples Really Ate

Saturated fats come from animal sources and tropical plants. They are mostly solid in cooler climates and have a rich satisfying taste and texture.

  • Butter from pastured cows. Raw is ideal!
  • Lard from pastured pigs.
  • Tallow from pastured beef.
  • Duck and chicken fat from free-range pastured birds.
  • Coconut Oil
  • Palm Oil

For further reading on the importance of traditional fats in your diet, please see Sally Fallon Morell’s books:


How To Make Coconut Butter Fudge


Coconut Butter is made with fresh coconut flesh.


It All Starts With The Humble Coconut.

Raw coconut flesh is ground into a butter like substance that has all it’s natural saturated fats intact.  Coconut butter is solid in cool climates but can easily be softened in a warm water bath. There are several brands on the market that I particularly like. Look for raw coconut butter that smells sweet and tastes fresh.


Add Butter Or Other Fat

To get a really creamy, fudge-like texture I like to add pastured butter to my coconut butter fudge. This not only tastes great but it’s a great way to add extra healthy fat into your diet. If you prefer, you can add coconut oil in place of the butter.


Sweeten It Up

Liquid sweeteners like raw honey, stevia (for my sugar-free, LCHF, keto friends) and maple syrup work really well in this fudge because they incorporate without any grittiness. If you plan to use a dry sweetener make sure it’s powdered! Any of my coconut butter fudge recipes can be transformed into a low-carb recipe by substituting stevia (or other non-sugar sweetener) for the raw honey.


Pick Your Flavors

I’ve made a lot of coconut butter fudge! And each time I like to experiment with different flavor combinations. The sky is the limit when adding flavorings. If you can dream it up, you can have it.

Here are some of the best flavors I’ve added.

  • Chocolate – You can use melted or powder. I choose the raw cacao powder that is high in antioxidants and minerals. If you use melted chocolate make sure it’s not too hot when you mix it in!
  • Carob – If you avoid chocolate, carob is a great replacement. This is the brand I use.
  • Dried Fruit – Things like dried cherries, cranberries, blueberries and raisins all work really well in this base recipe. Chop your dried fruit first so it incorporates well.
  • Freeze Dried Fruit – Use freeze dried fruit like strawberries, blueberries or raspberries to add beautiful flavor and color to this fudge base!
  • Citrus Zest – Use oranges, lemons or limes to add a pop of flavor to this fudge.
  • Nut Butters – Once in a while I like to make a nutty fudge with properly prepared pecan butter, peanut butter, almond butter or cashew butter. Pretty much any nut butter will work.
  • Chopped Nuts – I like some crunchy nuts in my fudge, especially with chocolate! Properly prepared crispy nuts made from pecans, walnuts, almonds or macadamias work really well!
  • Coconut – Use unsweetened shredded coconut to add texture and more coconut flavor.
  • FlavoringVanilla extract, maple flavor, orange flavor, almond extract and caramel flavor all work really well in this fudge base.
  • Chocolate Chips – If I ever use chocolate, which is rare, I will use a fair trade chocolate like this one. I have also used the sugar-free Lily’s Chocolate Chips in low-carb or keto fudge.
Get creative with your flavoring or use one of my tested recipes below.



Chocolate Coconut Butter Butter Fudge is rich and smooth and loaded with healthy fats!

Chocolate Coconut Butter Fudge


A platter of delicious cranberry orange coconut butter fudge.

Festive Cranberry Orange Coconut Butter Fudge 


A plate of tart and tangy. light and fluffy, raw, honey sweetened, coconut butter fudge.

Lemon Coconut Butter Fudge


Coconut Butter Fudge is easy and healthy! It's full of healthy saturated fats and can be sweetened with raw honey or your favorite sweetener.Coconut Butter Fudge is perfect for anyone who loves fudge but doesn't want to eat refined sugar!


This easy coconut butter fudge is made with only 4 real-food ingredients and comes together in minutes!

Coconut Butter Fudge Base

Yield: 24
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Chilling Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes

The perfect, sweet, coconut butter treat loaded with healthy fats, made with real-food ingredients and always refined-sugar free!


Multi Purpose Coconut Fudge Base

Additional MIX AND MATCH Ingredients To Be Added As Desired


  1. Have all the fudge base ingredients at room temperature.
  2. If your coconut butter is still solid at room temp you can soften it in a warm water bath. Place the jar in a pan of hot water until the butter is easily stirred. You do not want the coconut butter hot or fully melted. 
  3. Add all the fudge base ingredients to a large bowl or your stand mixer. If you are using cacao powder or other powdered ingredient you can add it now.
  4. Beat the fudge base with mixers for one minute. Scrape down the sides of the bowl with a rubber spatula and continue to beat the mixture until it is light and fluffy. 
  5. Add your desired flavoring and beat them in. 
  6. Place a sheet of parchment paper in an 8x8 casserole dish. Pour the fudge into the dish and smooth it down in an even layer.
  7. Cover the fudge and refrigerate it for at least 30 minutes.
  8. Once the fudge has hardened remove it from the pan and cut it into small squares.
  9. Store the fudge in the refrigerator, it melts easily.

Coconut Butter Fudge is easy and healthy! It's full of healthy saturated fats and can be sweetened with raw honey or your favorite sweetener.Coconut Butter Fudge is perfect for anyone who loves fudge but doesn't want to eat refined sugar!





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Joni Gomes

Monday 28th of January 2019

Great post! So much info which is great! Giving me inspo to make some coconut butter fudge!