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Sourdough Discard Crackers with Rosemary and Olive Oil


This is the easiest cracker recipe with the best results. Only four ingredients, 5 minutes of mixing and an hour of baking results in the crispiest most flavorful sourdough crackers ever! #starter #flatbread #discardonly #realfood #cheese #appetizer #snacks #sourdough #wisetraditions #nourishingtraditions


I’m not going to lie. These sourdough discard crackers are too good and too easy.

Way, way, way too easy. If you have an hour, some sourdough starter discard, olive oil and salt you can whip up a batch of the crispiest crunchiest crackers with incredibly big sourdough flavor. I apologize in advance if you get addicted to these crackers. But at least we can be addicted together.


A pan of sourdough discard crackers fresh from the oven.


100% Hydration Sourdough Starter

This recipe calls for a sourdough starter discard that is 100% hydration. For those of you not familiar with this term it means that the flour and water weight are equal. I keep my starter at 100% hydration so I can have a consistent starter for writing recipes. All my recipes now call for 100% hydration starter. While it’s not critical to the success of sourdough baking it keeps things much more organized and makes following my recipes a lot easier.

If you are new to sourdough or want to refresh your memory on some of the most used terms, health benefits and instructions you can visit my free sourdough guide, Demystifying Sourdough – Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Sourdough Starter – Why It’s Better For You – And How To Start One.


A pan of freshly baked sourdough discard crackers are super crunchy and flavorful.


What Makes These Crackers So Easy?

No Extra Fermenting  

One of the most exciting things about these delicious crackers is the fact that you don’t need to take the time to further ferment the dough. You will be using fully fermented sourdough discard, most likely the portion that you remove from your sourdough jar prior to feeding in the preparation for baking.  Fully fermented = easy to digest and more nutritious!

No Rolling Needed

I’ve written other sourdough cracker recipes like my Rustic Sourdough Butter Crackers and my Sourdough Cheddar Crackers. They both start with a stiff dough that ferments overnight and and then needs to be rolled really thin the next day.  I love those recipes but the ease of this no roll batter is astounding.


A pan filled with sourdough discard cracker batter is ready for the oven.



This is the easiest cracker recipe with the best results. Only four ingredients, 5 minutes of mixing and an hour of baking results in the crispiest most flavorful sourdough crackers ever! #starter #flatbread #discardonly #realfood #cheese #appetizer #snacks #sourdough #wisetraditions #nourishingtraditions


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A pan of sourdough discard crackers fresh from the oven. #realfood #fermented #Sourodugh #starter #discard
Sourdough Discard Crackers with Rosemary and Olive Oil
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
1 hr
Total Time
1 hr 5 mins

The lightest and crispiest sourdough discard crackers with the best flavor. 

Course: Appetizer, Snack
Cuisine: American, Traditional
Keyword: Crispy, Crunchy, Discard, Fermented, Herbs, Olive Oil, Starter
Servings: 6
Author: Butter For All
  • 340 Grams Sourdough Starter Discard 1 1/3 Cup at 100% Hydration Starter (stirred down)
  • 60 Grams Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1/4 Cup
  • 5-7 Grams Salt 1 Teaspoon
  • 4 Grams Dried Rosemary 2 Tablespoons, Divided
  1. Preheat oven to 325°.

  2. In a large bowl combine the discard, olive oil, salt and half the rosemary. Whisk well to combine. The batter should be smooth without any visible oiliness. 

  3. Line a half sheet pan (18x13) with parchment paper. Spread the batter out to the edges of the pan in a smooth even layer.

  4. Sprinkle the top of the batter with the remaining rosemary and some (2 grams) flaky salt if desired. 

  5. Place the sheet pan in the middle of the preheated oven and bake for 30 minutes.

  6. After 30 minutes remove the pan and use a pizza cutter to score the batter into cracker sized squares. Or you can skip this step and break the crackers when fully cooked. 

  7. Return the pan to the oven and continue baking for 30 more minutes. 

  8. Remove the baked crackers from the oven and allow them to cool completely before breaking them along the scored lines. Store them in an air tight container.

This is the easiest cracker recipe with the best results. Only four ingredients, 5 minutes of mixing and an hour of baking results in the crispiest most flavorful sourdough crackers ever! #starter #flatbread #discardonly #realfood #cheese #appetizer #snacks #sourdough #wisetraditions #nourishingtraditions



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Tuesday 7th of July 2020

Hi Courtney,

Great and simple recipe for discard. Hate wasting, especially these days. I would like to know how long can you store them in a airtight container. I’d like to serve them in 2 weeks time. Thanks in advance.

Butter For All

Wednesday 8th of July 2020

Hi Angela,

As long as they are very dry they will last forever! Well maybe not forever, but a long time. I would make sure they get completely dry by leaving them in the (turned off) oven, with the door cracked, until completely cool!

Hope that helps!



Saturday 4th of July 2020

Very delicious... although oily to the touch. Have you tried without oil?

Butter For All

Sunday 5th of July 2020

Hi Chava,

You need to work very hard incorporating the oil during the mixing process. But if you find they are still too oily for you taste you can reduce the oil by 25%. Hope that helps!



Saturday 4th of July 2020

In the oven today I have my third batch of discard crackers; so far all have been incredibly delicious. I couldn't fine my rosemary the first time I made them and so I used dried thyme plus Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel. The second time I did the same, and also used Applewood Smoked Sea Salt. Today, I decided to divide the half sheet into thirds putting on 1/3rd the smoked sea salt, on one third herbes de provence, and on the final third I sprinkled on the thyme. On the entire pan I added the bagel seasoning--it's just that good.

Method: After I mix the starter and oil and salt, I let the mixture warm up to room temp as it spreads more easily than when cold. With this batch I used half EVOO and half a California Mediterranean Medley artisan oil with added garlic, oregano, basil and rosemary. When I scored the crackers at the 30 minute mark I used my metal bench scraper as I don't have a rolling pizza cutter. For the differently seasoned crackers I scored different cracker sizes (so that I can see which is which.) This recipe is so easy and open to differing seasoning options. I love it! Today's batch was the bomb!

Butter For All

Sunday 5th of July 2020

Hi Karen,

It is notes like these that I live for! Thank you for the positive and thoughtful feedback. I love that you included your method and I hope it will be inspiration to all the other bakers out there.

Happy baking!



Tuesday 23rd of June 2020

I just made these for the first time but they stuck to the parchment paper. I definitely not use wax paper. The parchment paper is the Kroger brand and I haven't ever had it stick to anything prior to this recipe. Would appreciate any ideas on how to salvage this? I hate to think that this was a total waste. I bake every Tuesday with my sourdough starter and was really looking forward to trying this recipe. Kindest regards.

Butter For All

Wednesday 24th of June 2020

Hi Susan,

I'm not really sure why this happens to some people. I have never had it happen and I've made this recipe dozens of times. I'm so sorry though, that is super frustrating. Did they ever release? If not, All I can advise is to try a different brand of parchment, hopefully it will never happen again. I like this brand.

Best Wishes,


Again I'm so sorry and I hope you can get it to work next time.


Tuesday 23rd of June 2020

First batch I over-baked (my bad, though they were still edible), but the second was amazing. I planned them for the weekend action, but they did not "survive" that long....we ate them immediately, some were still hot :D The easiness of the recipe is awesome. No need to roll the dough or stretch, just put it on the baking sheet and pat it thin. Using the discard of the starter, life changing :D I will definitely continue to use this recipe. Thank you.

Butter For All

Wednesday 24th of June 2020

Hi Martina!

This is so good to hear! Thank you for leaving feedback.