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Sourdough Shortcakes With Strawberries and Cream

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This sourdough shortcake recipe is for all the nay-sayers who think sourdough can’t be used in sweet preparations.

With berry season in full swing it was time for some shortcake. I love to play around with my sourdough starter and find new ways of enjoying the fermented, tummy-friendly baked goods it creates. So…

Plates of sourdough shortcakes with strawberries and whipped cream with text overlay.

My daughter liked the shortcakes so much that she ate the top and bottom cakes before the cream and berries. A true testament to the shortcake because berries and cream are like her favorite thing!

Plates of sourdough shortcakes stuffed with strawberries and whipped cream.

Remember, Sourdough Is Slow-Food and This Recipe Takes Time to Ferment and Rise Before Baking!

I use a long slow ferment overnight at room temperature for the initial fermentation. Then I shape the shortcakes the next morning, let them rise until midday, and then bake in the afternoon. They are a labor of love but well worth the wait.

If you want a quicker shortcake recipe, you can try my Sour Cream Shortcakes.

Real, traditionally leavened sourdough takes front stage in these amazing, soft shortcakes.

Sourdough Shortcakes

Yield: 12
Prep Time: 12 hours
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 12 hours 25 minutes

A traditionally fermented sourdough shortcake that's perfectly sweet with a soft cake-like texture.



Strawberries And Cream:


The Night Before:

  1. Melt the butter and let it cool to room temperature.
  2. In a large ceramic or glass bowl mix the milk, starter, sugar, and salt together.
  3. Slowly add the melted butter while mixing.
  4. Add the flour to the wet ingredients and stir the dough until it comes together in a smooth, shiny ball that pulls away from the side of the bowl. Continue to stir the dough until it is silky smooth. 
  5. Cover the bowl and leave it out at room temperature overnight. 

The Next Morning:

  1. The dough should be doubled and airy with fermentation. Sweet Sourdough Shortcake Dough ready to be shaped.
  2. Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface. Flour the top of the dough.
  3. Pat the dough into a large square, making sure to use just enough flour so the dough doesn't stick to the work surface.
  4. Cut the dough into equal quarters.
  5. Stack the quarters on top of each other. Stacking the dough.
  6. Pat the dough out a second time. Patting out the dough again.
  7. Cut the dough in quarters a second time. Cutting the dough a second time.
  8. Stack the dough for a second time.
  9. Pat the dough out for a final time. It should be about 1 inch thick. Cut the dough into nine equal rounds with a biscuit cutter. Collect the scraps and and gently press them together before cutting out three more cakes. Cutting the dough into shortcakes.
  10. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and arrange the cakes on the baking sheet. Cover the cakes lightly with saran wrap or a damp flour sack towel.
  11. Let the cakes rise at room temperature for 2 hours or until almost doubled in size.
  12. Preheat your oven to 375°F.
  13. Bake the shortcakes for 25 minutes. 
  14. In a mixing bowl add the cream and honey. Whisk until the cream is whipped. Refrigerate the cream.
  15. Clean and cut the strawberries. Set them aside.
  16. Let the shortcakes cool before slicing in half. Fill the cakes with fresh cut strawberries and whipped cream.


The cutting and layering of this sweet dough gives the shortcakes a fluffy layered texture when baked.

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