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The Best Sourdough Tools, Equipment, and Resources

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Learn what tools, equipment, and resources I recommend to make the very best sourdough bread and other sourdough goods like pasta, cookies, muffins, tortillas, and more.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or as a gift for someone special, you are guaranteed to find the perfect accompaniment to the sourdough baking journey.Long Pinterest image showing jars of sourdough starter and a loaf of sourdough bread with text.

The Best Tools for Sourdough Baking

Cultures For Health Starters

Breadtopia Live Starter

Precision Scale 

Flour Storage 

Flour Scoop 

Glass Mixing Bowls With Lids




Long Handled Wooden Spoon




Danish Dough Whisk



Stainless Steel Bench Scraper



 Large Locking Lid Jars




Round Bannetons



Oval Bannetons




5 qt Dutch Oven



Emile Henry Cloche 




Emile Henry Oval Bread Baker




Emile Henry Pizza Stone 



Cast Iron Griddle


Pizza Stone



Glass Loaf Pans




Bread Lame




Parchment Paper




Large Silicone Working Mat




Wooden Rolling Pin




The Best Equipment for Sourdough Baking 


Berkey Water Filtration System




Professional Stand Mixer




Pasta Attachment 




Grain Mill Attachment 




Pasta Press Attachment 




Grain Mills





The Best Sourdough Bread Making Resources