The History Of Butter For All

A Story Of Learning, Growing And Becoming Self Sufficient
I’m a born cook.

I started my first restaurant (out of my Dad’s kitchen) at the age of 7. Seriously, I served pancakes, scrambled eggs, ramen and anything else I knew how to cook. I went on to cook through high school and into college.  After waffling around for years at dead-end restaurants and traveling/living out of my AMC Eagle, I finally got my degree in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management at age 27. My husband and I then moved to San Francisco where I worked in restaurants like The Cliff House, The Moss Room, Sweet Jo’s, and Market Bar. I met some amazing chefs and made some incredible food during that time but something was missing.

Somewhere around 2008 I started really craving a more authentic experience. I idolized Alice Waters and Sally Fallon Morell, I stopped eating anything conventional, like fast food and soda. I started eating raw dairy, pastured meats and lots of butter! I went and did an internship on a organic farm, I read the omnivore’s dilemma, I started learning about “real-food”. It was then that I realized that so much of what we are taught about food is just corporate conditioning. I started to pull away from the restaurant environment. I started researching traditional food-ways. I started preparing for something new.

We moved again to the Willamette Valley, Oregon. This is truly the land of milk and honey. We started a family, and I started my blog, Butter For All. I had been baking with sourdough for a long time (2002) but I never really understood the incredible connection between sourdough and our ancestral diets. I started learning all about the proper preparation of grains and how we have deviated from those preparations for the last 150 years. I started piecing together my own health, why it was compromised by non-traditional food preparation, what I could do about it. And I now get to share what I’ve learned on my blog. I support local biodiverse farming, raw milk, ethical meat production, real food, traditional food preparation, nutrient dense diets, healthy fats and organic sustainable living.

I found my calling.

I’m a bridge to a simpler, more authentic, more nourishing, slow-food life. I can’t wait for the next chapter, because I know that now that I’ve found my passion I will keep learning and keep teaching my craft.

My dream is to start an organic farm/coaching business/food retreat/learning center. Where people can learn how to make “real” bread, yogurt, cheese, fermented veggies, preserved meat, herbal remedies and so much more. Or maybe just a farm-to-table restaurant!

Doing it yourself. It’s hard, it’s taxing, it’s exhausting, but in the end it’s so rewarding.

Please follow along with me on this journey in learning and sharing. That will consist of original recipes developed to exclude refined sugars, include healthy fats and that are deeply focused on WAPF and Nourishing Traditions principles. Articles on how to grow your own organic vegetable and herb garden for food and medicine, how to raise animals in an urban setting, and how to raise a creative and naturally inspired child.

I hope you will join me on this adventure. I want you in my village. I need you on my team. And the world needs our combined voices for ethical and sustainable farming!