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Building a Modern Underground Dwelling To Use as a Family Home

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Take a look inside the process of constructing a modern underground dwelling (MUD).

Learn about the sustainability and efficiency of a MUD. They are able to stay cool in summer and cozy in winter. They have a wonderful grounding feeling when you enter them and the air is still and quiet, making them a perfect retreat from a hectic world.

A collage of a MUD with text overlay.

We have been invited to follow along on a journey of building a modern underground dwelling, from the planning phases, through excavation, and on to the actual construction.

While I Wish I Was Inviting You Into My Own Project, I Unfortunately Am Not.

This is a project that my beautiful friend’s family is embarking on and sharing with us via The MUD Blog, a website created to document this underground house-building experience.

Isn’t it cool that they could grow flowers or native plants on their own roof?! Use solar panels to power their semi-off-grid lifestyle?! Have a property with a soft visual impact?! I sure think so and I’m so excited to follow them on this amazing adventure.

We Were Blessed With the Opportunity To See This Amazing Property First Hand.

The site is in a beautiful location in the Coast Range foothills that border the productive and agri-centric Willamette Valley of Oregon. The property has an existing underground dwelling that is dug back into the hillside with a view southward over a small valley.

The view from the roof (that is actually the hillside) of the existing underground dwelling is spectacular:

The roof of a modern underground dwelling.

You can get a pretty cool view into the common living area of the existing dwelling by peeking in through the huge skylights.

People looking down into a modern underground dwelling.

Looking down from the roof you can see the inlaid brick patio, stone steps, pasture areas, and the established garden area. It is a truly magical location.

A garden with a paved patio area.

The established garden is fantastic. Does it sound like I’m swooning? That’s because I am!

Garden plots.

It even has this sweet country garden shed that makes my heart sing.

A small garden shed.

The new underground dwelling area is currently being excavated directly behind the garden area.

The new modern underground dwelling being excavated.

The new dwelling will eventually connect to the existing underground dwelling via a common area. In this photo you can see the site of connection and the depth of the soil that covers the roof of the original dwelling.

A side view of the original modern underground dwelling.

My friend’s family is temporarily living in a beautiful new yurt that they constructed on the property. She also writes about the yurt buying and building process on her blog.

So now that you are fully in awe of this family’s story, you can follow along with them by subscribing to The MUD Blog website and giving them a like on Facebook at MUD – Modern Underground Dwelling!