New to baking with  Sourdough Starter?

Here are 10 smart sourdough facts that will make you a better baker!

You just need to understand how sourdough works!

1. You don't need tons of experience.

Yeast and bacteria feed on sugars in flour. Every time you feed your starter fresh flour you are giving them a boost.

2. Sourdough is a continuous culture.

When you add water to flour and knead it, long stands of gluten are formed that create the structure for your bread.

3. Wheat flour has a protein called gluten.

The carbon dioxide that is made by yeast gets caught under and between the network of gluten. It makes the bread rise.

4. Yeast produces carbon dioxide.

The bacteria in sourdough are responsible for making the classic sour flavor. As they consume sugar, they make lactic acid.

5. Bacteria sour the bread through fermentation.

Commercial bread made with isolated yeast strains lack the acid component that is so important for flavor, fermentation, digestion, and nutrition.

6. Lactic acid is the missing link.

7. All traditional bread was wild yeast sourdough.

Most new bakers worry that if they don't have the right flour they can't make the recipe.  Not true! You can almost always make substitutions and adjustments!

8. Substitutions and adjustments are OK!

9. You don't need special equipment!

You just need your ingredients, a bowl to mix in, and something to bake in! Sourdough is a very good way to connect to your food with simplicity, style, and time-honored techniques.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes, follow your instincts, and have fun. Sourdough bread doesn't have to look perfect to be perfect .

10. Always use your intuition!