My Story

Why I Chose A Traditional Lifestyle


A Story Of Learning, Growing And Becoming Self Sufficient

Doing it yourself. It’s hard it’s taxing it’s exhausting but in the end it’s so rewarding. This is my adventure. I own it. I made it. I didn’t know how deeply I cared about sustainability until I just went with the flow of my life and found myself here. My road to deeper nourishment started in 2003 when I acquired my sourdough starter. It was a gift from my boyfriend (now husband) and no one could have imagined the effect that would have on our lives, least of all him. Now I bake at least one loaf of bread a week. A few years later I read The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. That really changed my life, the way I see food and the industrialized food system. I was horrified. I started implementing changes to my diet and lifestyle that would reflect what I had learned. Here is a link to My Shop if you feel compelled to read or re-read it! A few years later my (raw milk loving) sister told me about Weston A. Price and the foundation created in his name. I gradually adopted a lot of the WAP principles into my diet. I then did a season long internship on an organic farm. During that time I realized that I love growing my own food. When you grow your own food, cook your own food and then devour all that hard work the cycle is fulfilled and complete. I took all these little steps over a decade and have finally become nourished in body and soul. Now I have a place in the world that is truly mine. We don’t own property yet but I don’t let that stop me from making the space we have work for our family. My life is gritty, wholesome and beautifully messy at times. It’s uphill and downhill and all over the place. I know I’m not perfect, but I know that I’m on the right path for me.  I spend my time taking care of my wonderful, smart daughter and husband. I devote hours to nature, creative play, and nutrition. I invest our family’s money in local farmers, local companies and our urban homestead. I’m trying to connect all the pieces so my daughter sees where things come from and where they inevitably go.

Please follow me on this journey in learning. Mostly that will consist of original recipes developed to exclude refined sugars and include healthy fats. Articles on how to grow your own organic vegetable and herb garden for food and medicine, how to raise animals in an urban setting, and how to raise a creative and naturally inspired child.

I hope you will join me on this adventure. I want you in my village. I need you on my team.